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Blogging Tip: Choosing a Blogging Niche

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  1. It is important to select your niche carefully if you plan to monetize your blog. Some niches obviously will be more profitable than others.

  2. Yes it is very important to find your niche that you are passionate about othervise the blog wont last long and you not have fun! Before my travel blog I had a mum blog…it wasnt something for me.

  3. This was so helpful! And I'm sure new bloggers will appreciate it. I think it's so important to write about something you truly enjoy, otherwise there'd be no enjoyment

  4. You have touched on so many great points here. Far too many people start blogs and then run out of steam simply because they haven't really thought it through. Or they only were doing it for the money they thought they would make and didn't really feel a real connection with the niche. It's a result of short term thinking and to be there for the long term, you have to love what you do, irrespective if you are trying to make money or not. Your readers can always tell if you are not really 'into it' and that can never be good. Great post.

  5. These are some pretty good points. I still struggle with what my niche is.. Sometimes I even think about making two seperate blogs for the two topics I keep returning to.. This was a nice read 🙂

  6. Great points. I didn't think that I had a niche when I started out but others tell me my niche is baby loss and simply being honest. I'm not sure if that is a niche at all, but it has done my blog well this far.

  7. This is something that I think many, myself included, struggle with but I have come to terms with that my blog may not meet the niche specifications and that is okay too.

  8. Thanks for the blogging tips, all I can say is when choosing a niche, you need to make sure that your niche choice is something you're passionate about and most interested in.
    From: Calleigh Keibler

  9. I know there are many views when it comes to blogging niches, to some extent they are true as well. I know a specific niche is going to be more helpful or popular than a collective one. But, I have come to terms that I like doing everything and blogging about everything aswell. I guess I'm okay with not being a niche blogger, but all your tips are super helpful for anyone who is planning to start a blog and is passionate about one category.

  10. Finding your niche is one thing but learning to dominate it can be very hard. I agree that you should find a gap in the market i.e for me it would be colourful street art juxtaposed with fashion shoots which creates a unique aesthetic that is not used much!

  11. Loved these tips. Its not always easy to find your blogging niche as we all have lots of different interests at the same time that we want to talk about but it's important to stick to a niche in Blogging so you can grow a focussed audience who will remember to always come back to check your new posts.

  12. Such great advice that I wish I would have had 2 years ago when I was first getting started. Your tips really hit the nail on the head and for all new bloggers this should be must-read material.

  13. Really great tips. Definitely a must-read for bloggers that are new in the game.

  14. These are very helpful tips for a beginner blogger or for an experienced blogger, who wants to clarify their niche. A clearly defined niche gives you an feeling of who you are writing for. Of course, this will inevitably translate into the quality of your writing.

  15. I think you have to begin with what you love. And making sure that you can be creative with what you love. Then you use that to help develop or narrow yourself into a niche. And sometimes you can talk about a variety of things as long as it relates to your niche.

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