iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: What’s The Difference?



A couple of days ago, Apple announced its new iPhones. A generation that is preceded by a revolution with the arrival of the iPhone X last year, but, in this event the tech giant Apple has not been able to innovate as we all expected. However, today in this article I will show you all key differences between the all-new iPhone XR and the iPhone 8.

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: What’s The Difference?

Like every year it touches repetition and little surprise. Although, we have three iPhones on the table, one of which has brought us here.

The so-called “cheap iPhone” is none other than the new iPhone XR, a phone that comes to take the place of the iPhone 8 of the last generation.

New Liquid Retina LCD Display

After many rumors and leaks on the subject, Apple finally made the leap to OLED in the past generation. The iPhone X became the first model of the American brand to opt for this technology, while the LCD was for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Now, a year later, the two giants of the Apple catalog are already featuring OLED display, but still, there is a new device which is featuring LCD display. The all-new iPhone XR, which remains true to its origins in the catalog and uses LCD, inorganic liquid crystal.

The three phones of Apple have the ‘notch’ released by the iPhone X. While part of the market already turns towards the ‘drops of water’ and another part looks for how to hide the camera behind the panel. Something that has already been achieved by phones with a retractable camera, although it is at the expense of introducing mechanical parts that can put at risk the durability of the device.

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So we have in our hands a model whose display diagonal edges reaches 6.1-inches, whose panel is a Liquid Retina LCD Display and has ‘notch’ at the top to house the front camera and the 3D Face ID.

New & Powerful A12 Bionic SoC

After many rumors and leaks about it, the tech giant Apple has finally put into circulation its new processor for this generation of iPhone. The Apple A12 Bionic has arrived directly from the factories of TSMC, showing all its power and its construction in 7 nanometers, being (except by miracle of the last minute) the second to be presented but the first to reach the market. The all-new iPhone XR also enjoys the latest Apple A12 Bionic SoC.

That means that it will compete with its older siblings in equal conditions with regard to artificial intelligence and the power of its nuclei, including those that dress their GPU, but the iPhone XR will be left behind as far as RAM is concerned.

The new iPhone XS will have 4GB of RAM, while the all-new iPhone XR will compete with only 3GB of RAM. A logical separation from its OLED brothers.

As for the memories, the new iPhone XR and its elder brothers lands with three different memory capacities. The basic will be 64GB, the next in the list will reach 128GB and there will be one last, 256GB. Moreover, we should always remember that while we are talking about the tech giant Apple’s iPhones, it is obvious there will be no microSD cards.

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Camera with AI capabilities

The new iPhone XR is nothing but a renewal of last year’s model. Another new separation between the ‘cheap iPhone’ and its older brothers, the photographic power. Power in terms of blurring and capture of light, because a single sensor does not mean that the photographs are going to be worse, only  that the possibilities offered by the iPhone XR camera are less than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

We will have a sensor of 12-megapixels with pixels of 1.4 microns, with the wide-angle lens and with optical stabilization. The lens is the same that operates in the iPhone Xs,  but we will also have selective blur thanks to the artificial intelligence of the phone. Other advantages such as the Smart HDR are also inherited from their older siblings. As for the front, the same system with Portrait mode, also with its illuminations, and a sensor of 8-megapixels.

Face ID and TrueDepth Camera System

While in the past generation, Face ID only made its appearance on board the iPhone X, this year it has been placed on the brow of the three phones on the day of its release. That means that the iPhone XR joins the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to offer three-dimensional facial recognition for greater security and, of course, dispenses with the fingerprint reader in its configuration.

Six colors and aluminum frame

The tech giant Apple has also established a division between its phones regarding the materials with which it has built them. While in iPhone XS we have stainless steel frames, the iPhone XR is made of aluminum.

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As for the color of the new iPhone XR, we will have a variety of shades, such as the iPhone 5c that landed in the market a few years ago. These colors will be independent of capacity, at least for now, and there will be no special editions. Thus, we will have three different storages, and six colors for each of them. To choose, we can buy an iPhone XR white, black, red, yellow, coral or blue. The iPhone XR will be available on October 26, with a pre-reservation open from October 19.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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