It’s official, Essential Phone Is Dead


The adventure of Andy Rubin who is also known as the father of Android seems to be coming to an end in Essential Products from where the iconic Essential Phone came about. Yes, according to the latest reports, officially the well-known Essential Phone is dead.

It’s official, Essential Phone Is Dead

If we talk about the well-known Essential Phone, the smartphone launched by the father of Android, Andy Rubin. It has never been able to please the massive number of smartphone users and be a successful sales case. But, the fact is that it has managed to mark a turning point in the smartphone world.

But the smartphone created by Andy Rubin now seems to have been officially discontinued, hence, marking its end. But, the interesting thing is that there is something new on the way.

As in the recent weeks, the well-known Essential Phone has disappeared from the catalogs of major smartphone stores, showing that there was a profound change in the way. Most of the records showed only the end of stocks, with no information to be renewed.

When the brand was questioned about what was going to happen, the company of Andy Rubin decided to open the game and to reveal in a definitive and official way that the Essential Phone was finished and that its production had been discontinued and that the stocks would not be renewed.

That’s why most of the users think that this is a critical end of Essential, but the brand guarantees that it will continue to have the accessories in the market and also the much-anticipated updates for Android, a point where the brand has an excellent record, being one of the fastest to incorporate the news.

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Since its introduction in 2017, Essential Phone has had a unique position in the market. This was the first smartphone to emerge with the notch, a trend that is a standard nowadays.

But, according to the father of Android, of course, Andy Rubin’s own company, there is something new on the way. All efforts are now directed towards the development of the next offer of the brand, of course, it will be a new smartphone.

However, for now, it is not yet known how this new offer will innovate itself, but it is a fact that will be completely different from what exists today in the market. Hence, it is speculated that it will be an AI-focused smartphone which will simply extract its entire physical interface. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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