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The way business is done today has changed and it keeps changing with emerging technologies. It is the ICT savvy individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and experts that will leverage this opportunity to create unlimited wealth.This is an era of knowledge economy. The digital economy is  what we should advocate for Nigeria,the time is now and here. In order to bridge this gap (digital divide), 9jatechguru has come as the solution for Nigerians by Nigerians.
9jatechguru is Nigeria’s leading Tech blog which provides quality information in ICT related issues like Web technology, Web trends, Software development, Blogging, Telecommunication,Mobile Technology, Technology trends,reviews,news.It is an online resource center that offers practical solutions to Nigerians whether you know about technology or not.
9jatechguru has come with the purpose of e-mpowering Nigerians while bridging the digital divide.
9jatechguru is founded by Adeyefa Oluwatoba Adegoke and it is written by a team of ICT professionals and Tech enthusiasts.

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  1. Hey ,

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    hallet biran

  2. Hi Adeyefa,

    You cover some really interesting content on your blog. I particularly enjoyed the posts on your Smartphones category where you mentioned the latest tech innovations, products and reviews. Particularly, trending gadgets that stands out on today's tech news and topics in Nigeria.

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    Lisa Kok,
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